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2013 Year End Update:

2013 was a great year! Here some highlights:

Our Payroll Service: 

One of our client saved more then $100,000 in payroll processing fees by switching to our payroll service.

 If you are using ADP or Paychex or a payroll leasing company for your payroll processing, we can lower your fees by up to 75%.

With our online payroll Service you can:

 1.  Electronically transfer your payroll into your accounting software (QuicKBooks, Peachtree, etc).

2. Automatically allocated payroll to different classes (locations, departments, jobs) in your accounting software.

3. Keep tract of vacation and sick days accruals through our payroll service.

4. Employees have online access to their pay stubs.

If you want to use our payroll service for next year, call us as soon as possible so that we can set you up for the service.

 Please paste the link below into your browser to see a brief demo of our payroll services.

 We Welcome Referrals:

 Did you know we can help you or any of your friends, family or acquaintances save time and money with their financial records? Not only is it nice for us to receive your referrals, we LOVE to reward our clients for referrals…!

 Just so you know, we have policy that if an existing client refers two or more new clients, we will reduce your fee by 10% and then progressively higher. Although some existing clients do not want a reduction, we still make it available.

 Year End Business and Individual Tax & Financial Planning Meeting:

 As we are in the last quarter of the year, we would like to schedule a meeting either on phone or in person to discuss year end tax & financial planning opportunities for you and your business. Call or email us to schedule a meeting today.

 Call or email us to schedule a meeting with our Financial Planner today.

 If you want us to look at your investment portfolio, we will be more then happy to do that. It is the best time to have an investment strategy with proper asset allocation  to reduce your investment risks and to maximize your returns. Call or email us to schedule a meeting today.

 In the free one hour meeting with the Financial Planner will cover the following 10 items:

1. Income Tax Planning & Strategies

2. Investing in stocks, bonds, & Mutual funds, Annuities, Oil & Gas programs

3. Investing in Real Estate (in and outside retirement account)

4. Retirement Planning (IRA’s, 401(K) etc)

5. Education planning for children & grandchildren

6. Asset Protection

7. Estate Planning (Need for wills & Trusts)

8. Long Term Care

9. Insurance Planning

10. Business Planning

Free Business Check-Up

 We are so convinced in our superior approach that we invite all prospective clients to come visit our offices and undergo our free no-obligation “check-up” of your business or individual health. We certainly believe that knowledge has a liberating power and sometimes even knowing what the possibilities are, can lead to meaningful change in your personal or business financial health.

We encourage you to call us and make an appointment and see for yourself the difference a perspective can make.


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