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Planning for the winter weather is an awesome approach to green up your resident and organize its energy so that you can always turn down your indoor regulator and save both money and energy this winter.


The following are some simple and affordable ways to weatherproof your home for the winter:


  1. Ensure your windows are correctly installed:

In the event that you have more established windows, make sure your storm windows are in decent shape and closed properly all around your home. Storm windows help to give an extra layer of shield against the cool winter air.

  1. Include plastic coverings to the inside of the windows:

From the inside of the windows, you can simply include plastic coverings that additionally help to protect old and drafty windows. You can put the plastic cover over wooden blinds, and make sure you put a hole right at the top for easy opening when you pull its cord. If you do this, it allows the sun shine inside the home and helps to warm the home.

  1. Include drapes or shades:

A nice drape or shade helps to protect and draft out cold air from your home, not only through the windows, but also from around the frames. It is essential to properly shut the drapes when night comes due to the cold temperature, and open them throughout the day in order to utilize the energy from the sun to heat up your home.



  1. Repair leaks and openings around doors

In order to know if your door has opening or not, light up a candle and move it across the door frame in your house. If the light wave unsteadily, then there is a leak, therefore fix the opening with weather stripping or caulk.

  1. Utilize door draft stoppers:

You should consider purchasing a door draft stopper, or you can create one yourself if you are crafty. Place the draft stoppers next to your outside door to help protect the home from drafts that leak in beneath the door.



  1. Protect your outlet:

This may sound awkward, but truly many electrical outlets in older homes do not have protection around them. This could be an avenue for cold air or an area that warm air can seep out of your home as they’re basically just an opening in the wall. In order to protect your outlets, buy foam padding that fits easily around your light switches or electrical outlets. Always remember to be careful and follow instructions when working around electricity!

  1. Consider getting a water heater insulating blanket:

By insulating your water heater you can save up energy by lowering heat lost from the sides of the heater by 25 – 40 percent, which will help out in reducing the cost of your energy bills.

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