Authorize For Profit Corporation Formation

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I hereby authorize the SK Financial CPA LLC (third party)  to complete the online application, apply for and receive the EIN for my new organization, on my behalf. I authorize the third party to answer the questions, if any, of IRS representatives, related to the completion of the form.

I have signed the completed Form SS-4 (Application for Employer Identification Number), including the third party designee section, for inclusion in the files of my designee along with this authorization.

I also authorize the above third party to submit the Articles of Organization and affirm that the facts stated in the application are true. I am aware that false information submitted in a document to the Department of State constitutes a third degree felony as provided for in s. 817.155, F.S. I acknowledge that I have read the “Notice of Annual Report” statement below and understand the requirement to file an annual report between January 1st and May 1st in the calendar year following formation of this Corporation and every year thereafter, to maintain “active” status.

Notice of Annual Report

This corporation must file an Annual Report with the Division of Corporations between January 1st and May 1st of every year to maintain “active” status. The corporation’s first annual report will be due between January 1st and May 1st of the calendar year following the year the corporation is formed and must be filed online. The fee to file a Corporation Annual Report is $150. A $400 late fee is applied if the report is filed after May 1st. Reminder notices to file the Annual Report will be sent to the e-mail address you provide in these articles. File early to avoid the late fee.


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