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Category Archives: Financial Planning

3 Ways an Accountant Can Help Your Small Business Not Just Survive But Grow

In an attempt to control expenditures, small business owners and entrepreneurs usually employ the do-it-yourself approach, even when it comes to accounting, taxes, and bookkeeping related matters. However, managing the finances and accounts of even a small business can become complicated over the course of time. Small errors and oversights can slowly accumulate into bigger

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How To Grow Your Business

A great marketing expert once said there are three ways to grow a business; increase in sales, more customers, and higher purchase frequency from your customers. In very simple words, he explained the basic ways to grow a business. However, in today’s time there are various ways in which a company can grow its business.

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Risk Management – An Emerging Field in Business That Is Essential For an Optimized Working of the Day-to-Day Operations

In the olden days, need for managing risks was not that evident nor needed by businesspersons due to transparency in trading and operations, as well as people working with true devotion and loyalty to the business. Now, however the situation has changed greatly and people do not trust their friends, let alone work colleagues. A

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