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Due Diligence Services for Purchase of Prospective Businesses:

Are you thinking of buying an existing business?

Don’t spend your life savings on a business unless you do a thorough due diligence on the prospective business. It’s worth spending some money up front than to loose thousands of dollars later.

Our Due Diligence Package Includes:

  • We will review your payroll tax returns and payroll reports for the current year;
  • A consultation, analysis, and evaluation from a tax perspective by a CPA for the purchase of the prospective business will be provided;
  • We will compare and review your QuickBooks with the tax returns for the last 3 years;
  • Past 3 business tax returns will be examined for errors;
  • The last 3 year sales per month and sales tax returns (if any) will also be compared;
  • Another comparison of the last 3 years sales per month with bank statements will be done too;
  • FREE copy of our book –Tampa Bay New Business Kit: A Guide to Financial, Tax and Accounting Considerations of Starting a Successful Business. (value: $29);
  • FREE copy of our book – 57 Ways To Grow Your Business – Bright Ideas For Serious Entrepreneurs. (value: $29);
  • FREE e-Book – 50 Supporting Companies That Every Small Business Needs To Know About. (value: $49);
  • FREE e-Book –100 Tax Strategies and Tips For The Current Year (value: $99); and
  • FREE access to our CPA resource library at free.skfinancial.com (value: $499). The site has tons of PDFs, checklists, sample agreements, e-books, and  marketing, HR, and tax materials.  Access to this site is for our monthly clients only. For a limited time, we are including it in our due diligence package.

The fee for the above package is $1,099 (Our Fees $999 plus $100 for cost of industry data) .