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How to Build & Maintain a Successful Work Team

People all around the world keep talking about building a successful work team, but very few among them really know how to build and manage an effective work team. When you work as a team, instead on focusing on your success rate, you have to contribute to the overall success of the organization. For that, you need to team up with your fellow members from different departments. In this case you all are unified to accomplish your objectives.

There are many team building seminars, meetings, retreats etc… in this article we are going to look at the 10 C’s for team building. Once we achieve that, we need to maintain a successful work team.

  1. Clear expectations: for a successful building of team, one must understand the core reason of its creation. The expectations of the company should be clearly defined for each employer
  2. Context: the team members should know why they are participating, and moreover they must understand the strategy that will be used to obtain the goals
  3. Commitment: this is one of the most important things for team building. Each member of the team must be committed to accomplish the company’s goal.
  4. Competence: each member should be competent. They should have knowledge of what they are doing
  5. Charter: the team should take their area of work, and design their own vision, plan and work hard on implementing it on time.
  6. Control: each member should have the freedom to have their say, but they should also remain in their boundaries.
  7. Collaboration: they all should work in collaboration, yet performing their separate tasks. But, they should be aware what other members of the team are working on.
  8. Communication: the team members should be able to communicate well with each other
  9. Consequences: each member should be prepared of the consequences. Instead of pointing fingers at others, they must resolve issues. They should also be able to take risks without the fear of failure.
  10. Coordination: each team should have a team member and they must coordinate with them on a regular basis.

Having looked at the 10 C’s for building a competitive and a strong work team, the company must now focus on maintaining this team. Sometimes building a team seems easy, but maintaining it seems a little difficult. It is like any other relationship, which is easy to build, but difficult to maintain. In order to do so, the team leader should have a few qualities.

  • Be grateful
  • Be patient, calm and understanding
  • Be friendly and generous
  • Do not be resentful for someone else’s success
  • Don’t let ego spoil it for you
  • Respect each member
  • Don’t get aggressive, remain calm at all times
  • Learn to forgive others

A successful team work is what you need for a successful business. Once you have successfully built your work team, focus on maintaining it in an effective way. The day you are able to achieve these two things, there is nobody stopping you and your business to take the road to success.

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