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IRS Extends Tax Deadlines for Hurricane Irma Victims in Florida





The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is extending the tax deadline for victims of Hurricane Irma in Florida up until January 31st to file certain business and personal tax returns and also to make their tax payment.

The IRS stated Friday that contains an added filing extension for the taxpayers with applicable extensions that ends on October 16th, and also businesses with extensions that ended just few weeks ago which was on September 15th. The IRS stated that it is giving the extended deadline to any county selected by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, as being eligible for either public assistance or individual assistance in Florida.

The tax release program will hold back a number of tax payment and tax filing deadlines starting from September 4th, 2017 in Florida. Due to this, the IRS is offering individuals and organizations that are involved in the hurricane disaster until January 31st, 2018, to have their returns filed and pay up any taxes that are due within this period.

Are you aware that:

  • Without the extended deadline, victims of hurricane Irma who pay their taxes quarterly would have been confronted with the deadline last week Friday which was September 15.
  • The new date, approved to victims of Harvey as well, applies to inhabitants of declared disaster counties.
  • People rendering relief efforts and those who depend on documents found in affected places should call the IRS if they’ll make effort to file on time.


This exercise is simply giving taxpayers that are affected by Hurricane Irma an official pardon from meeting some filing deadlines.

In addition, in the event that you filed your returns for an extension in 2016, the due date for receiving your paperwork is pushed back to January 31st rather than October 16th. If you’re in debt to the IRS, you will still be faced with a late-payment consequence and interest, because the 2016 payments were expired few months back, on 18th April. The deadline extension also applies to persons and businesses affected by Hurricane Irma.


Places within Florida Affected by the Hurricane Irma

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) stated that areas within Florida that are affected by the Harvey will benefit from this program. These areas include:

  • South Bay
  • Moore Haven
  • Lake Harbor
  • Clewiston
  • Pahokee
  • Canal Point
  • Pahokee
  • Brevard
  • Monroe
  • Palm Beach
  • Lucie
  • Pinellas, etc.

These and many more counties are currently qualified for deadline and tax payment reprieve. Check the Federal Emergency Management Agency list updates for added areas that are qualified for disaster support, taxpayers residing in those areas will also be added in the IRS action.

If you are a taxpayer residing outside the affected area but you depend greatly on paperwork coming from the area affected by Hurricane Irma, you should call the IRS immediately and you can also get an official pardon on future deadlines.

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