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Need To Keep Your Employees Engaged At The Workplace? Here Is What You Can Do

More often, people confuse engagement with motivation. Although both terms are very similar, engagement refers to being involved in something whereas motivation refers to behaving or acting in a certain way. Actually, engagement and motivation, both are necessary at the workplace.

Often employees are motivated to work with the several benefits, appraisal and other incentives being offered however, they lack engagement at work. Managers need to learn that engagement of employees is necessary at a workplace to get the work done.

Suppose you have a team of employees working collectively on a project to meet a deadline. Completing work within the deadline will result in the employees being rewarded. Everyone seems to be working hard and really invested in their work however, suddenly the computer crashes and the work stops, which means that the deadline cannot be met. This will result in the splitting of the team. One that will be of the opinion that they did whatever was possible. The other one would be of the opinion as to what can be done now until the deadline arrives.

Reading this, what comes in your mind? Which group will you support? Obviously, the group who sticks till the end to find a solution. This is what being engaged in the workplace means. Employees that are working in the company regardless of the reward attached to their work are said to be engaged at the workplace and these turn out to be productive assets of the business because they believe in the organization’s cause. One other difference is the quality of work done. Where motivated employees are after their carrot, engaged employees are in it to win i.e. do the best job possible.

Here are some of the things that you can adopt to engage your employees further:

  • The “Me before We” Strategy

According to a suggestion by the president and co-founder of Endeavor America, we should focus on the development of an individual employee’s needs, strengths and skill set. It does not mean that you should ignore the team but emphasis on each individual will end up in stronger and more capable teams.

  • Discover Your Employees

Let go of the negative opinion that you may have for an individual and approach every employee as a source of knowledge and creativity and that it can contribute to the vision of the company.

  • Show Your Willingness

Do not shy away from showing how engaged you are. You as the owner must be willing and the rest will follow.

  • Set Short-term Goals

Short-term goals can keep you updated on which employee is truly working for your company’s success rather than their own interests.

  • Try Being Transparent

Do not consider employees as a number. Respect, trust and let them know that you are there to share, communicate, sacrifice and hold yourself accountable when the time comes.

  • Use Employee Recognition Tools

This needs to be consistent to promote engagement. You might reward them excessively but honest feedback and appreciation is what really counts.

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