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Relocating? How to Notify the IRS About a Change of Address

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In the event that you are moving out of your home to a new place, it is a good thing to notify the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and any other state tax organizations if you eventually move.

Notifying the IRS about a change of address is not a difficult thing to do. Simply download and fill Form 8822, Change of Address. This one-page form is simple to fill out (all necessary instructions are added on the second page, in the same file).

One of the advantages of applying for a change of address is that, whenever the IRS needs to send you a notice or message, the mail will go directly to the new address.

Whenever the IRS agency gets information about a new address, they will revise their records to reflect an individual’s new address, even if the individual didn’t file a Form 8822. This can occur, for instance, whenever a taxpayer files a return indicating a new address, or whenever the IRS gets information from the USPS (United States Postal Service) showing a new address.

Generally the IRS updates their records in 45 days of receiving the information about a new address, though this phase can be delayed all through the hectic filing season.


Tips for guaranteeing an easy change of address with the IRS

  • Ensure that you fill a change of address form for every single type of tax return you wish to file: for instance, gift tax, estate tax, personal income tax, or business tax returns.
  • Try as much as possible to delay the filing of an income tax return should in case you plan to relocate sooner than later. With this means, you can file your tax returns making use of your new address, and then your refund check will be delivered to your new address.
  • Couples who are thinking about separating should individually file a change of address form even if it is only one individual that is moving to a new address. By doing this the IRS will be able to find each taxpayer in person.
  • Ensure that you let the United States Postal Service know of your change of address so that every refund check or letter from the IRS are sent to your new mailing address.

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