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Saving Taxes on your Small Business

When you start out a business, you usually have limited financial resources and every cent of saving counts. One of the ways of saving money while conducting business is by saving taxes on all expenses paid for business. Also, small businesses have many more opportunities of making tax savings than large businesses.

Make use of these opportunities by hiring tax accountant experts to help you out with these small savings. Make sure that you and your tax accountant are using only legal ways of saving taxes.

Here are some ways you can save tax on your small business and use it to achieve growth gradually:

  • Most of the business expenses are tax deductible. This means that for all capital investments done, you can save a certain amount of tax. However, you have to save all proofs of purchases and expenses in order to claim tax allowances. If you are unable to provide sufficient evidence about your expense, you will not be able to save on the tax. Therefore, save all receipts with purchase price and date of purchase clearly indicated on it.
  • Charitable donations are tax deductible. Charity might not seem like an affordable option to a small business but think of all the good things that charity can bring to your business. You can save tax, you can increase your business goodwill and establish your brand name. Majority of the customers prefer businesses who donate for a good purpose. Gain your customers’ attention, save taxes and elevate your business morals by donating and saving proofs and receipts of donations.
  • If you are conducting your small business from home, there are many ways of saving taxes using the idea. Some of the ways includesavings on mortgage interest, insurance, repairs and utilities usage and depreciation by claiming to use a part of your house as your office.

Also if you are using your personal vehicle for business purposes (which you most probably are, being a small business owner), then you can gain tax savings on fuel costs, maintenance charges and parking fees.

  •  Another way of using this idea to save taxes is to hire your children as your employees. You can ask them to do odd jobs for your small business and pay their allowances as salaries. This way not only your children learn the importance of money, but you do not have to deal with the hiring and management of employees for simple jobs. You can deduct the salary from your tax allowance to gain tax savings without having to incur any extra expenses!

For all these tax saving strategies to work, you need to remember that you have to present genuine proof of all expenses. Whether paying for capital assets or operating from home or using your car for work, you need to present detailed proof of all expenses. These details should be able to prove that you actually did use the expense for the business and not for your personal advantage. If you and your tax accountant cannot prove this to the IRS officer, you will not be able to gain tax savings and these strategies will not be deemed legitimate.

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