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Social Media Marketing – Effective Way to Grow Business

It is a great achievement that businesses have started realizing the true potential of marketing and are directing their energies and resources towards marketing activities. However, marketing techniques have changed significantly ever since the advent of Internet. It would not be wrong to say, that the advent of Internet has revolutionized the market techniques and made it a fast process. Today’s marketing techniques are not only restricted to above the line and below the line, methods of advertising but involve e marketing and internet marketing, which includes various forms of online and social media marketing techniques.

Social media marketing is a marketing technique that markets a business’s products and services through social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Moreover, there are several other techniques to marketing like affiliate marketing, SMS marketing, buzz marketing, and various others. Social media marketing has become so popular in the recent past because of its speedy viral marketing process. Not only does it help in conveying marketing material to the potential customers and target market but it also exchanges content with them, which thereby enhancing the conversations between the business and its customers. Social media marketing helps a brand build its reputation in ways no other marketing technique does.

Social networking sites

In today’s age social networking sites hardly need an introduction since they have become so famous among people of all ages. These sites help convey marketing material in the form of pictures, videos and also allow brands to socialize with their target market. Some of the popular social networking sites include but are not restricted to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google+ etc.

Affiliate Marketing

 Affiliate marketing is still a relatively rare used term used in the marketing world but it is gaining significance by the day and is proving to be a cost effective method of marketing. In this marketing technique, the external Webmaster offers a reward to the affiliates for the marketing they do. Marketing in this scenario refers to the use of articles, forums, blogs, and press releases to convey messages to the target market. This is a very effective marketing technique and also helps employees who want to work from home. Due to its success and effectiveness in the recent past, it has gained immense popularity.

SMS Marketing

A very common mobile marketing technique is SMS marketing, which is used by brands to convey marketing messages to their target market through SMS. One of the most prominent mobile marketing techniques, SMS marketing is known to be successful because receivers of mobile messaging campaigns are likely to read it as soon as it is delivered.

Buzz Marketing

Buzz marketing is a particular type of Affiliate marketing, which takes place when one customer talks about a product or service with another potential customer. Buzz marketing uses social networking tools like Facebook to spread the word about the product or service that is being marketed. Since it uses customers to convey the messages, it is often considered reliable and is very effective.

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