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How to Know If It Is Truly an IRS Agent Calling On the Phone or Knocking On the Door

Impersonation of IRS agents has been encountered by many taxpayers through the phone, via email, and even in person. Don’t be tricked! Try as much as possible not to get scammed. You should perfectly understand when and how the IRS visits or calls taxpayers, and also if a call you might have received is really from an IRS agent. This and many more are reasons we are here.

The IRS begins most contacts via the usual email provided by the U.S Postal Service. Still, there are special situations whereby the IRS will get in touch with you through telephone or rather visit a home or business. These special situations can be if a taxpayer has an unpaid tax bill that has been long overdue, to tour a business during criminal investigations or part of an audit, to secure an aberrant employment tax payment or an aberrant tax return.

If you want to understand when and how the IRS agents contacts taxpayers and ascertain if it is really the IRS officials, you should click on the link below: