Tax Analysis Report

Find out what IRS knows about you.  We can prepare a tax analysis report that will show last 10 year of history  with IRS.

Tax Analysis Report Includes:

 For Individuals

  1. Resolution Dashboard ( Summary of your tax situation with IRS for last 10 years
  2. CSED (Collection Statue Expiration Date) Assessment and Tolling, shows statue of limitations dates for tax liability)
  3. 10 Year Tax return Summary
  4. IRS Notices
  5. Account Transactions
  6. Civil Penalty Dashboard
  7. Civil Penalty Account Transactions
  8. Red Flag Report
  9. Payment History
  10. Tax Return Overview
  11. Income Documents
  12. Wage & Income Summary
  13. Adjustments To Income
  14. Tax Summary
  15. Non Refundable Credits Summary
  16. Payments & Refundable Credits Summary
  17. Year Tax Summary
  18. Schedule A Summary
  19. Schedule B Summary
  20. Schedule C Summary
  21. Schedule D Summary
  22. Schedule E Summary
  23. Schedule F Summary

For Businesses

  1.  1120, 1120s, 1065 & 940 Summary
  2. 941 Summary
  3. 941 Transcript Summary

Above tax analysis report is generated from the following IRS documents:


  • Account Transcript
  • Separate Assessment
  • Civil Penalties
  • Return Transcript
  • Wage & Income Forms
  • Wage & Income Summary


  • 1120
  • 1120s
  • 1065
  • 940
  • 941


We will need a signed Power of Attorney. We will download all the information from IRS database and then prepare the report.


Other firms charge thousands of dollars to prepare such a report  that shows last 10 years of IRS history ( what returns have you filed, how much you owe to the IRS, what notices have you received. etc). Instead of charging you thousands of dollars, our fee is only $99 per report.

Sample Report.

See Sample Report here.