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Using Twitter for Growing your Business

If you have not jumped on the social media marketing bandwagon, then you are missing out on a LOT! Social media marketing is one the most efficient and cost effective ways of marketing. It has a worldwide reach, it is free and it provides so many easy to use tools to monitor your performance.

While Facebook has been the network giant for some years now, twitter is emerging as the trending social network this year. It is a micro blogging website that allows you to easily promote your business and see the sales figure rocket.

Create a Twitter Profile

The first step, obviously, is to create a Twitter profile for your business. Write a little introductory note about your business and give your business website address in the bio. Add a picture of your brand so that people can identify it with your products and services. Follow your industry related profiles and complementary industry profiles.

Create Your Signature Hashtag

Twitter is all about hashtags. It is a word or a string of words, preceded by a ‘#’ sign. A hashtag in the virtual word is like a form of branding. When people see a specific hashtag they automatically presume that a particular brand is being talked about. This is why it is very important to have a unique hashtag for your business so that people can identify you with it.

Once you have decided on a hashtag, promote it heavily. Use it in ALL your tweets and ask your followers to do the same to get in touch with you. Create events and promotions with the hashtag intensively used in them to make sure that only your business is associated with it.

Promote and Mention Others

Twitter relies heavily on promotions and retweets by followers and other industry profiles. This means that you need to do the same to receive some level of promotion for them. Mention relevant profiles using the ‘@’ sign in your tweets and promote others to let them know that you are talking about them. This would, in turn, urge them to do the same for you or at least retweet your tweet to their followers, thereby, helping you gain more followers.

Visual Content

Twitter underwent a revamp this year. The emphasis of the revamp being on visual content. Now, the images that you upload on your twitter profile appear on the Home page. This helps attract attention if the images are interactive and creative. Use as many creative, attention seeking images as you can with all your tweets to make your tweet stand out in the crowd. Do not forget to complement the images with relevant hashtags and mentions!

Twitter is very easy to use and with proper usage, all tweets can easily go viral, helping you promote your business. Tweet relevant, interesting stuff for your followers, with aesthetic images and remember to acknowledge your followers’ responses with retweets, favorites, mentions and replies. Also, remember that promoting others will help you promote your own business, so be a good sport and send a shout out to complementary businesses!

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